Parents are searching high and low to get their kids vaccinated. For children under the age of five, their parents wondered how to make appointments and where they can get the shots for their children.

CBS 2’s Shardaa Gray reports from Bloomingdale where families have lined up to get their kids vaccinated.

They got a shipment of 100 Pfizer vaccines and 400 Moderna. Even though they have vaccines available here, many parents are still on the hunt to find vaccines for their kids.

CBS 2 spoke with La Rabida Children’s Hospital Chief Medical Officer, Sarah Hoehn, who said they don’t expect there to be a shortage in vaccines for children under five.

She said younger kids will get a smaller dose, so one vaccine serves more children than adults. But larger hospitals, like La Rabida are still waiting to hear when they’re going to get shipment from the department of public health.

She advises parents to call their pediatrician and their office will let them know when they’ll get it. Hoehn said the reason parents are having a hard time finding the vaccine because clinics won’t open appointments until the vaccines have been delivered.

“I think it’s just a matter of people waiting for the shipment to come in and once the shipment will come in, then you’ll be able to do it,” Hoehn said. “I know for us here, we’re going to have visits available all day long everyday and the second it’s here, we’ll schedule them, but we don’t want to schedule them just in case there’s a delay.”