We’re always building new collaborations and publishing new projects. These are a few of the peer-reviewed studies published by members of our team during their time in The Computational Media Lab.


Articles/Papers/Proceedings (* indicates student author):

  • Devaraj, A.*, Murthy, D. and Dontula, A.*, Machine-learning methods for identifying social media-based requests for urgent help during hurricanes, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. Vol. 51: Article 101757: 1-12, 2020. (PDF).

  • Unger, C., Murthy, D., Acker, A., Arora, I., and Chang, A.Y., Examining the evolution of mobile social payments in Venmo. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Social Media and Society (ACM SMSociety 20); pp. 101–110. (Pre-Print PDF).

  • Murthy, D., Sudarshan, S.*, Lee, J.*, Ghosh, C.*, Shah, P.*, Xiao, W.J.*, Arora, I.*, Unger, C.*, and Acker, A.*, Understanding the Meaning of Emoji in Mobile Social Payments, Big Data & Society, in press.

  • Johnson, M.*, Murthy, D., Robertson, B. W.*, Smith, W. R.*, & Stephens, K. K. (2020). DisasterNet: Evaluating the performance of transfer learning to classify hurricane-related images posted on Twitter. Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Social Systems, Computer Society Press.  Maui, Hawaii, pp. 576-583. (PDF)

  • Robertson, B. W.*, Johnson, M.*, Murthy, D., Smith, W. R.*, & Stephens, K. K. (2019). Using a combination of human insights and ‘deep learning’ for real-time disaster communication. Progress in Disaster Science. Volume 2, July 2019, 100030: 1-11. [PDF]

  • Johnson, M.*, Murthy, D., Robertson, B.W.*, Smith, R.*, Stephens, K.K.. In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM), Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain, pp. 1375-1376. [PDF]

  • Xin, E.*, Murthy, D., Lakuduva, N.*, & Stephens, K. K. Assessing the stability of Tweet corpora for hurricane events over time: A mixed methods approach.   in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Social Media and Society (ACM SMSociety ’19), Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, pp. 59-66. (PDF)

  • Stephens, K. K., Robertson & Murthy, D. Throw Me a Lifeline: Articulating Mobile Social Network Dispersion and the Social Construction of Risk In Rescue Communication. Mobile Media & Communication, Accepted; available online. [PDF]

  • O’Neal, A.*, Rodgers, B.*, Segler, J.*, Murthy, D.,  Lakuduva, N.*, Johnson, M.*, Stephens, K. (2018) ‘Training an Emergency-Response Image Classifier on Signal Data‘ In Kantardzic & Sayed-Mouchaweh (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (IEEE ICMLA’18).  Orlando, FL,  December 2018. (PDF)